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The 9 best seafood dishes that you didn’t know about

The sea is a source of countless resources used in gastronomy worldwide. Of all species, seafood is valued for its intense flavor and unmatched texture. There are even those who claim that they have aphrodisiac properties. 

From raw dishes to delicious marine paella, seafood is versatile and fits perfectly into any seafood meal. Seafood offers us an inexhaustible source of options when it comes to cooking.

As we are lovers of  Peruvian seafood, we bring you a list of the 9 best recipes for seafood dishes that you didn’t know and that you will probably be fascinated with once you try them. 

1. Fish and seafood soup

This is not just any seafood soup, because, with a combination of fish and vegetables, the flavors are pleasant to the palate. Even better if you prepare this delicious recipe with our seafood mix. 

2. Seafood Cau Cau

A delicious dish with a seafood base. Considered a Peruvian delicacy with multiple ingredients, a preparation to taste that is easy to prepare, and very delicious. Known as Seafood Cau Cau, it contains octopus, squid, mussels, and prawns; vegetables, and other ingredients that give it the texture of a creamy stew. Dare to try it in a few minutes, find it in our line of ready dishes.  

3. Noodles with seafood and teriyaki

An exquisite pasta dish with seafood and a traditional Japanese sauce. This recipe includes the good things about seafood dishes, Italian food, and the traditional, widely used teriyaki sauce.

It is so avant-garde that it combines different cultures to prepare a delicious culinary experience, as is the result of such extraordinary food. We recommend you try it accompanied by our Jumbo-sized peeled and deveined Prawns. 

4. Seafood Paella

A very popular dish in many countries is seafood paella; It is usually cooked in a huge, wide container. The flavor and exquisiteness of this dish are due to all the marine ingredients included in its preparation.

A recipe based on rice with vegetables and seafood such as shelled prawns, mussels, octopus, and some white fish such as mahi mahi; among others. Without a doubt, it is a delight for adults and children. 

5. Octopus Salad

A seafood-based starter with a very natural, fresh, and tasty flavor is this salad. Combining the creamy flavor of octopus with arugula, tomato, and lettuce with an olive oil dressing. You can sprinkle parmesan cheese and a touch of salt to your liking. An ideal dish for this hot season.

6. Avocados stuffed with seafood

An exquisite sweet and creamy dish, with a touch of seafood. You will taste a very typical and quick recipe, with a very personal touch from each cook.

Add tomato and some onions, we recommend browning pieces of national prawns or small-sized fan shells without coral with butter, serve in half an avocado and you already have this succulent marine delicacy.

7. Prawn and shell skewers

A dish considered an excellent appetizer and starter, very popular for its incredible flavor, but above all for being considered ideal for any occasion.

Not only do you experience an explosion of flavors on your palate, but it is super easy to cook them on the grill or the griddle. We invite you to try them in their two presentations, Shell Skewers with Smoked Bacon and Prawn and Shell Skewers Marinated in Chimichurri Sauce.

8. Prawn wrap

If you are looking for something to eat that is quick and easy to prepare, we recommend a prawn wrap. With ingredients that give it a gourmet touch by adding your favorite vegetables and creamy and soft prawns.

9. Squid and prawn meatballs

A recipe that is not only easy to make, but also very tasty to the palate, you can enjoy this succulent delicacy with a tomato-based sauce and accompany it with bread, past,a or the garnish of your choice.

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