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Who said that the flavor of minestrone is necessarily flat and monotonous? Served with pasta, it acquires a rustic and genuine touch, becoming a complete and nutritious dish. It is forbidden to consume it only on the coldest days:  minestrone with pasta is much more than a gastronomic treat to be reserved for the winter, but a real “comfort food” suitable for a thousand occasions.


Pasta and minestrone are a successful combination. Provided, however, that some culinary rules are respected. Among these is the size of the vegetables, which must be well-calibrated and uniform, so that the different vegetables have the same cooking times. If you want to make a particularly tasty minestrone with pasta, you can use various tricks. For example, you can prepare a sauté, and add the vegetables only at a later time, or enrich the minestrone with spices and aromatic herbs, such as sage, thyme, bay leaves, parsley, and basil, which act as real natural flavors. The minestrone pureed with pasta can then be diluted with a little vegetable broth until it reaches the desired consistency. Some love adding pesto or tomato puree. Preparing minestrone, starting from fresh vegetables, takes time. Vegetables must be cleaned, cut, and cooked following a precise temporal order. An excellent alternative to fresh products is frozen minestrone. Frozen vegetables retain the same characteristics as freshly harvested ones, but they are already washed, cleaned, and chopped. In other words, ready to use: just pour them into the pan and bring them to the heat. Another advantage is being able to draw on more varieties throughout the year, even when they are out of season.


The homemade taste of homemade pasta blends with the juicy taste of vegetables, in a dish that tastes of tradition, yet never gets boring. This is the case of wholemeal maltagliati with minestrone, easy to make. First of all, you need to prepare the dough by combining an egg white with a mix of 00 flour and wholemeal flour, work the mixture until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous dough, then cover it and let it rest for about ten minutes. After this time, the dough is rolled out into a fairly thick sheet and cut into lozenges: the maltagliati thus obtained are immersed in boiling water, draining them as soon as they resurface on the surface. In the meantime, in a separate pot, cook the Minestrone Tradizione Findus as per the instructions; once ready, add it to the previously cooked maltagliati and serve the dish while still hot. Impossible to resist a taste!


Minestrone doesn’t only go well with short pasta. Equally successful is the combination of different formats, as in the case of buckwheat tagliolini. To prepare them, simply arrange the mix of buckwheat and semolina flour in a fountain, add the salt and slowly pour in the water, kneading until you obtain a firm and homogeneous mixture. After letting the dough rest for 15 minutes, taking care to wrap it in cling film, roll it out into a sheet; this will then be folded on itself to form a roll from which to obtain the tagliolini, cutting it into strips of approximately 5-7 mm each. We then move on to cooking the Minestrone Tradizione Findus, as per the instructions; when it is almost ready, dip the tagliolini in plenty of salted water, cook them for a couple of minutes, and, once drained, transfer them to the pan. Pasta with minestrone has never been so delicious!


Young diners don’t want to hear about “chopped” minestrone? Puree with pasta is an excellent child-proof alternative. The preparation, then, is quick and very simple: pour the Minestrone Tradizione – Il Passato Findus into a sufficiently large pot, letting it cool as per the instructions; once ready, add the soup pasta of the desired size, continue cooking for the minutes suggested on the package. The dish is ready! The result? An excellent ploy for those who are always in a hurry, but don’t want to give up the goodness of vegetables.

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