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When you go to a restaurant, dessert is a worthy conclusion to a delicious and, sometimes, even abundant meal. In the spring period, customers tend to order something that, in addition to pleasantly closing the meal, refreshes them from the heat of the period. Investing in the creation of artisanal ice cream, to be served as dessert, can be an interesting solution to customer demand. In this article, you will find some creative ideas for preparing ice creams that meet people’s tastes.

Pair fruit with ice cream

The first idea I want to propose to you is simple but effective. Take a peach, cut it into wedges, and arrange it in a circle on a plate. Now, as if it were a field daisy, create the center of your flower with a little homemade ice cream; a peep of ice cream, sweet and delicious. To make the gastronomic experience even more unique and delicious, try to combine fresh fruit with a suitable ice cream flavor. For example, if you want to opt for a pineapple slice, you will never choose coffee ice cream as a companion. Conversely, a good fruit ice cream – perhaps made from the same pineapple, freshly cut – can be the winning choice. In summary, get some seasonal fruit, and turn it into a mind-blowing dessert. Fruit and ice cream on the same plate? A dream for mothers and children, and a (possible) flagship for your restaurant. PS →  To give even more value to your product, use zero km ingredients.

The thousand leaves of ice cream

When talking about ice cream, I like the combination with flowers. And I think you noticed it too. Now, let’s try to get your desserts noticed by your customers. As? With another idea, fresh and – needless to say – filled with ice cream! An alternative to the ice cream biscuit, which although good, is not very suitable for a restaurant. Honestly, I believe that the optimum is always a dish to be eaten with a spoon, don’t you agree? In this regard, here is my second idea: a millefeuille filled with ice cream. Again, a very easy dish to re-propose, and to die for. As long as the puff pastry and ice cream are made to perfection. In a word: artisanal. Yes, I will never get tired of repeating it; the plus, the added value,  is the detail that makes the difference. Without ifs and buts. Your detail can be the magic of a homemade product. With care and that old flavor, which tastes so much like love for cooking. Because let’s face it, at home we cook (almost) always with love. Being able to convey this value within your restaurant is only advantageous. Having closed this little parenthesis, let’s return to our dessert: Get three sheets of puff pastry, cut them into asymmetrical rectangles, prick them, and sprinkle them with sugar. Turn on the oven and let it cook for about 45 minutes at 160 degrees. Once your sheets are well cooked, transfer the ice cream into a pastry bag. At this point, all you have to do is prepare the dish. A leaf, a little ice cream; another leaf, some more ice cream. Thus, three floors of pure pleasure were built. If you prefer, you can add some fruit: playing with colors and flavors is always fun.

A warm heart of ice cream

A combination that almost sounds like an oxymoron, I realize. But I assure you that ice cream can have a warm heart. Imagine a chocolate, citrus, hazelnut, pistachio, etc. cake. Now, continuing to keep your eyes slightly half-closed, try to sink your spoon into it and discover – with extreme surprise – that you are also tasting ice cream. Not bad, right? You can (and must) make your customers try this combination. Especially, if you have a smart pastry chef in your ranks. You would value his art. After all, the dish I proposed is not easy to make, but I trust in the skill of your staff. If you want, there is always plan B. You can present, on the same plate, a cake and a ball of ice cream. It is not written anywhere that they must be served in a single solution, on the contrary. If you can make it easy for yourself, do it. Plus, not everyone likes mixing two or more flavors.

A dessert of coffee and ice cream

Last but not least (as if we were talking about hemlock), coffee cannot be missing. The reason why many of us get out of bed in the morning, is the ambrosia of us Italians, the nectar we can’t give up. With or without caffeine, barley, or ginseng, coffee is a ritual. Pairing it with ice cream becomes almost an obligation. As well as being disarmingly simple. A cup of coffee, like steaming lava, slides between the ribs of an ice cream, which is about to melt, but which retains its aroma and taste. Poetic, don’t you think? PS → For the most vicious customers, correct the coffee, or replace it with a good distillate.


With this last image, this journey through ice cream, fruit, and fantasy ends. I hope I have given you some interesting insights. I await photos of your dishes in the comments. 😉 If you want to indulge yourself, suggest desserts with rum … As a final piece of advice, I recommend the choice of raw materials. Ice cream is composed mainly of milk, eggs, and fruit. If even one of these ingredients doesn’t live up to your expectations, you risk ruining the final result. And I bet you don’t want to disappoint your customers. If you are looking for a quality supplier with unbeatable prices, Multicash is the cash-and-carry for you.

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