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Twelve desserts to finish a perfect meal

If they forced me to choose between these desserts I would have a big problem since I like them all, I cooked them because their recipes caught my attention, their preparation was careful and pampered and the final result was fantastic, they all have an original and personal touch and a point of flavor that makes them special.

With this selection you can prepare a Christmas ending worthy of the best tables, the ones with stars and suns, but in a homemade and simple version. They are all very easy to cook since we start from the premise that baking is not my thing, so just enough complications.

Among all of them, I am going to highlight the crêpes suzette, a wonderful and forgotten dessert that is my favorite by far, I love it and I don’t hesitate to order it as soon as I see it, I don’t prepare it very often since it has a lot of calories but not for lack of desire, just thinking about it, if…..

Well I leave you with this selection, I hope you enjoy it and it helps you prepare your Christmas menus.

Crepes Suzette

This is delicious!! French dessert is wonderful. Very classic and haute cuisine, in the good restaurants that have it on the menu they prepare it for you at the table, flambé it, and serve it to you warm. It is a delight, my salivary glands go crazy just thinking about such a delicious dessert.

 Pineapple ice cream with natural caramelized pineapple and almond flake

This was my first ice cream in my brand-new pink refrigerator (very cute). I had the pineapple at home, I prepared it clean and without any remains and made the ice cream. Thinking about what accompaniment would enhance my ice cream, I remembered the Canal Cocina program about the best “chocolatier” in the world: Josep María Ribe, author of that program, “De Chocolate”, which makes my salivary glands go crazy, I saw how he made this pineapple for a delicious cake. It was perfect for my ice cream which was a little acidic and gave it the sweet touch it was missing. To finish I added the almonds: crunchy point. Result in a perfect dessert.

Chocolate and cognac truffles

This chocolate truffle recipe is very old and very simple, very, very easy to cook and you have a great dessert. In my family, we have been preparing them for many Christmases and we love them; We have always made them with cognac but you can use any alcohol, so suddenly I think that they have to be great with Limoncello or dark rum too. The amount of alcohol we put in them depends on the taste of the diners, they can even be made without a drop of liquor, with a little orange or tangerine juice and they will turn out great.

Yogurt and strawberry jelly with passion fruit cream

This dessert, there are three desserts one on top of the other, a brilliant invention, it is clear that the invention is not mine, I saw it on a blog, may the author forgive me, because I don’t remember which one it was, a yogurt jelly, which inspired me and from that preparation this delicious dessert came out. It has to be prepared in three stages, we must let the first  gelatin solidify  to be able to put the second one on top, if you use agar-agar this process is very fast, if you are going to use gelatin sheets  it will take longer. . Very important are the proportions that you should use:

Frit “Cobbler”

The “ fruit cobbler ” is not exactly a cake, it is a wonderful dessert based on several cooked fruits and a layer of dough on top, it is delicious and super easy to make. It is an English dessert but it is so widespread in North America that its invention is claimed, and they also do not agree; The English say that you have to completely cover the fruit with dough and the Americans say that it is not necessary, we stick with the European version that is closer to us.

You can use the fruits that you like the most, the only trick is that they have to be al dente, with body we do not want dissolved fruits with a mush texture. so this dessert is prepared in a “light”. You should mix sweet fruits with sour fruits so that the contrast is complete and they are delicious.

Couscous with fruits and red plum juice

This dessert is very simple and is prepared quickly, it has no complications and the result is spectacular, to take into account and save for when you want to impress your guests.

Finding slightly different desserts that are out of the ordinary is very difficult and being able to prepare them in our kitchens is an even greater challenge. When I achieve it, I am happy. I have had to consult many books and websites, but finally, I have it in front of me. of my eyes. I just have to get to work.

Fruits in champagne syrup

We are going to present a contrast of fruits, some cooked and others natural, but all al dente, crunchy and tasty. The idea is to place sweet and acidic fruits on the same plate to offer a complete range of flavors. We have selected these fruits because I think they are wonderful and we already have experience with pears in syrup, we play it safe. The dish was very pretty, with lots of color and the champagne syrup was delicious. In the photos, you can see the texture of the fruits, almost crystalline, shiny, and somewhat transparent.

Roasted apples with cream and almond crumble

This is not a light dessert at all, it is rather caloric but from time to time you have to sin and with these delicious apples it is more than justified, I am going to keep it among my favorites and when the delicious fruit arrives this summer we can change the apples for peaches, it has to be a movie.

Fruit cake with lemon veil

A beautiful cake, full of color and rich fruits, covered by a light and subtle veil of lemon, in it we have collected all of spring, the joy of good weather, and the vitality of long days. I read the recipe on the website “My Anticancer Recipes”    presented by  Marga Tobar, author of the original recipe. I wrote it down quickly, it is perfect for me, with fruits the way I like them and very simple to prepare. It is clear that I have made it my way and I have given it my personal touch, such as using Pedro Ximenez instead of water or adding lemon to the gelatin. Now you are the one who wants to decide how you are going to prepare it but I certainly advise you to do it, it is a wonderful cake. I loved it.

Fruit soup with gin snow

This dessert is delicious and incredible, the bitterness of the gin with tonic and the sweetness of the fruit contrast like two opposite worlds. The result: magical. I took the recipe from the book “Gin, in the Gastronomy of the 21st Century” and it is by Toño Pérez, the chef and owner of the Atrio Restaurant in Cáceres. Of course, there is no doubt, that it is clear that it is a  “Master’s” recipe, simple but great.

Spicy brownie chocolate, pear, and “tree chili”

This  Brownie is a compendium of recipes, tips, and my own experience of many years making horrible cakes, being the object of ridicule and ridicule for the bricks I prepared. But everything is learned and today I have reached the pastry “sumun” with this delicious,  very original Brownie.

Apple flan by Carme Ruscalleda

This delicious and original flan is from the great “chef”  Carme Ruscalleda, it is a different flan with a different texture from the rest of the flans, it is thicker, with more body, in short, it is an excellent flan that will delight your diners. The “Chef” gives us the possibility of using different sweet wines, I chose an Oloroso wine from Jerez de la Frontera of which I am a great fan since I love the touch it gives to the food, since it is not a sweet wine it I had to add sugar since when I tasted the mixture it was very bland, but you can add mistelle muscatel, sweet port

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